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Miss Austen thumbnail
Miss Austen eAudiobook
Gill Hornby / Juliet Stevenson

1840. Twenty three years after the death of her famous sister Jane Cassandra Austen returns to the v..

Act of Oblivion thumbnail
Act of Oblivion eAudiobook
Robert Harris / Tim McInnerny

From what is it they flee?' He took a while to reply. By the time he spoke the men had gone inside. ..

The Hemlock Cure thumbnail
The Hemlock Cure eAudiobook
Joanne Burn / Kristin Atherton

It is 1665 and the women of Eyam keep many secrets. Isabel Frith the village midwife walks a dangero..

The Silence of Water thumbnail
The Silence of Water eAudiobook
Sharron Booth / Deryn Edwards

When Fan's mum Agnes announces that the family is moving to Western Australia to take care of Agnes'..

Anna and Her Daughters thumbnail
Anna and Her Daughters eAudiobook
D. E. Stevenson / Candida Gubbins

When their father dies none of the three Harcourt girls are particularly upset. The loss of the fami..

The Rose Villa thumbnail
The Rose Villa eAudiobook
Leah Fleming / Anne Dover

High above the Mediterranean on the French Riviera stands a beautiful pink stucco villa. Once a play..

The Woman with the Map thumbnail
The Woman with the Map eAudiobook
Jan Casey / Penelope Freeman

February 1941. The world is at war and Joyce Cooper is doing her bit for the war effort. But as the ..

Destiny's Child thumbnail
Destiny's Child eAudiobook
Iris Gower / Claire Morgan

Margaret Beaufort was rich beautiful and just 13 years of age when she discovered that she carried t..

To Defy a King thumbnail
To Defy a King eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Patience Tomlinson

The privileged daughter of one of the most powerful men in England Mahelt Marshal’s life changes d..

Listening Valley thumbnail
Listening Valley eAudiobook
D. E. Stevenson / Emma D'Inverno

Antonia and her sister Louise grow up as thick as thieves in a world apart from their detached paren..

Heir to Greyladies thumbnail
Heir to Greyladies eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julie Maisey

Hampshire 1900. With the sudden death of her father the life of 15-year-old Harriet Benson changes f..

Mistress of Greyladies thumbnail
Mistress of Greyladies eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Penelope Freeman

During WWI Greyladies is requisitioned by the government as a POW internment centre. Harriet is now ..

Legacy of Greyladies thumbnail
Legacy of Greyladies eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Penelope Freeman

Olivia Hanbury is widowed in the middle of WWI and reluctantly goes back to live with her parents. I..

The Scarlet Lion thumbnail
The Scarlet Lion eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott

The prowess and loyalty of the great knight William Marshal have been rewarded by the hand in marria..

Shadows and Strongholds thumbnail
Shadows and Strongholds eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott

An awkward misfit loathed by his autocratic grandmother nine-year-old Fulke FitzWarin leaves his fam..