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The Winter Rose thumbnail
The Winter Rose eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1941. After German bombs shatter the life Cadi has built for herself in Liverpool she is m..

The East End Girl in Blue thumbnail
The East End Girl in Blue eAudiobook
Fenella J. Miller / Annie Aldington

Even in wartime East End girl Nancy Evans has reason to hope. She's a rising star in the Women's Aux..

The Girls in Blue thumbnail
The Girls in Blue eAudiobook
Fenella J. Miller / Annie Aldington

Jane Hadley has nothing to lose when she runs away to join the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Whatever..

A Songbird in Wartime thumbnail
A Songbird in Wartime eAudiobook
Karen Dickson / Jess Nesling

Shaftesbury 1936. Mansfield House Hotel has been a refuge for Emily ever since she was orphaned at t..

The Liverpool Matchgirl thumbnail
The Liverpool Matchgirl eAudiobook
Lyn Andrews / Julie Maisey

Liverpool 1901. The Tempest family is barely able to put food on the table. When Florrie falls ill w..

A Time for Renewal thumbnail
A Time for Renewal eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin

In the wake of World War Two the whole country is desperate for houses with very little money availa..

A Dinner of Herbs thumbnail
A Dinner of Herbs eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Roddy Greenbank was brought by his father to the remote Northumberland community of Langley in the a..

Her Secret Son thumbnail
Her Secret Son eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Cock Shield Farm 1881. After Molly Geary finds herself pregnant with landowner Angus McBain's child ..

The Glassmaker's Daughter thumbnail
The Glassmaker's Daughter eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

Annabella LaGrange was the only child of a wealthy family owners of a glassworks in the North-East o..

Silver Wishes thumbnail
Silver Wishes eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Catherine Harvey

Lancashire 1895. When her controlling stepfather suddenly dies it seems that Elinor Pendleton finall..

A Sixpence for Christmas thumbnail
A Sixpence for Christmas eAudiobook
Gracie Hart / Colleen Prendergast

Meg just wants her family to be together at Christmas. But her mother's illness gets worse every day..

Winter's Daughter thumbnail
Winter's Daughter eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Hull 1856. James Ripley and his wife Moira have always looked out for the poor of Hull. When during ..

A Woman of Secrets thumbnail
A Woman of Secrets eAudiobook
Amelia Carr / Nicolette McKenzie

A poignant touching and epic tale of lost love set against the drama and danger of World War Two. 19..

A Liverpool Song thumbnail
A Liverpool Song eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

Andrew Sanderson brilliant surgeon and renowned musician is still grieving the death of his wife Mar..

The Timber Girls thumbnail
The Timber Girls eAudiobook
Rosie Archer / Tamsin Kennard

1942. Working in the greengrocers and playing the piano in the pub isn't fulfilling 19-year-old Trix..